Silhouette - Zenlight Chassis 7642
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Zenlight Chassis 7642

The Silhouette Zenlight collection creates a completely new feeling of freedom and openness in seeing: wonderfully unlimited and timelessly beautiful. Find your inner harmony and let your sight wander into infinity with Zenlight.

Rimless aesthetics and clear design harmonize naturally with yout face. A Modern light-as-a feather design and contrasting details at the temples allow you to fully enjoy your own individual style and freedom. 

Whether you`re a man or a woman, Zenlight is a basic accessory for all ages and Lifestyles - from young and sporty to business professional to classically elegant.

The Silhouette Zenlight`s screwless hinges allow for comfortable handling and long term wearing that is virtually maintenance free. The frame is made from especially light ,SPX an exclusive material innovation from Silhouette, which adapts to your head`s individual shape and always fits perfectly and securely.

The vibrance of twelve rich colours harmonizes perfectly with the wearer`s personality. Make a strong statement and dynamic mood or yin yang, or emanate a gentle balance with sunny inspirations or Blue relax.

Every Silhouette Zenlight is an Essential Lifestyle masterpiece, crafted with Silhouette tradition and quality and primarily by hand. Your best guarantee, made in Austria.


To create your custom pair of Silhouette Zenlight Chassis 7642
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